Top 5 Tips for Planning a Perfect Wedding


The basic tips for planning a perfect wedding as well as the reception are determined on the following factors:

o Lighting and location – most locations have their environmental d├ęcor in place and taking this into account when planning your wedding is vital. You have to bear in mind the physical comforts, a dancing area as well as a suitable place for catering. The ambience includes lighting, place settings, flowers and other accessories that you choose to include in your wedding.

o Requesting gifts, here are a few suggestions for gifts:

o Money, this may seem impersonal, but it would help you with down payments on a vehicle or your honeymoon.

o A bottle of wine or Champagne, ideal for any couple attached with a note for it to be opened on their first anniversary.

o Creating personal traditions, like your own wedding vows. This may suit your wedding style, yet may seem a daunting task to start off with. The writing of your vows should reveal how you feel, not what everyone else is expecting to hear. Here are a few tips: When and where did you meet?

How did you partner change your life?

How does your loved one inspire you?

Are there similar goals and dreams that you share?

o Describe to your photographer just how you have the wedding planned, as you would want the photographer to watch your guests, to capture unobtrusive photography not only the key moments. You have to have the moments captured when no one else is watching, the moments between the father and the bride, between the newly wedded couple, etc.

o The final tips for planning a perfect wedding are the accessories for the bride such as:

– headpiece/tiara

– shawl/wrap

– bracelet

– earrings

– engagement ring/wedding ring

– shoes

– necklace

– gloves

– dress