Tips About Wedding Speeches

If you ask a couple what the most memorable part of their wedding was, often they will answer that it was a heartfelt wedding speech. Even though that is often the case, not much effort is put into wedding speeches, at least in comparison to the planning that goes into the rest of the event.

A well-written wedding speech will often be remembered and cherished for many years to come. It may even be referenced during anniversaries and other important moments in the lives of the couple.

Most of the time, the wedding speeches are offered by one or more of the people who are the closest and most important to the bride or the groom, or both. This is often undertaken by the best man, the maid of honor, the parents of the couple or a brother or sister of the bride or the groom.

The average length of a marriage speech, depending on how many people have been asked to speak, is usually from three to ten minutes long. What happens many times is that people will become nervous when giving wedding speeches and will have a tendency to speak very fast, making it hard to be understood or they may speak too slow, causing people to become bored.

To avoid this problem, anyone giving a marriage speech should take the time to rehearse it in private to become comfortable with what they are planning to say. Having a written outline to refer to during the speech will also help to eliminate the embarrassment of forgetting what one intended to say.

Wedding speeches should focus on talking about things that are important to the bride and groom, particularly things that relate to their relationship. Little-known stories about how the couple met, where they met, or what the spark was that started the whole thing, can be integrated into the speech to make it more interesting. Also, observations about positive or romantic ways in which their relationship blossomed, given from the perspective of the speaker, can add personal insights about the newlyweds.

However, it should always be remembered that the purpose of such speeches and toasts is to honor and recognize the couple and should focus on them in an upbeat and respectful way. Humor can often be a very effective tool when giving such a speech, but courtesy should be taken into consideration to avoid mean-spirited comments and cutting humor. Such negative attempts and interjecting humor has ruined many best man speeches and other marriage toasts.

Overall, it should be remembered that the most important element of wedding speeches is for the speaker to offer words of congratulations and support that are sincere and which come from the heart. A good, heartfelt marriage speech will also help to set the tone for each wedding toast that is sure to follow.

Generally, the first marriage toast is performed as part of the final speech to honor the bride and groom. The toast should sum up all the speeches and end on a high note. Traditionally, as the toast is being made, the bride’s glass is then filled first, followed by the groom’s. The maid of honor and the balance of the marriage party then have their glasses filled, followed by the parents of the couple, with the best man being served last.

Wedding speeches can be a wonderful way to take part in such a special and momentous day in the life of the new couple. Spending time to prepare a few significant and thoughtful words and polishing the speech in advance is a terrific way to honor the couple and to make your wedding speech more meaningful.