How to Plan a Great Wedding on a Budget

So you are getting married? One of the most beautiful and exciting events that will ever happen to a woman in her lifetime. But, can you pay for it? Is it worth paying a large chunk of money for an event that could be better used for your first home? Once you place the ring on the finger, reality definitely sets in. Unless you have planned for this day since you were a child (and saved up money for it), your wedding will be one of the most expensive events in your life. Brides and grooms will spend upwards of $100,000 for the perfect wedding. Nice if you can afford it, but what if your money is not long and your list would rival the Oscars?

There are ways to have a spectacular wedding for a budget under $10,000. Review the tips below and you’ll be amazed on how much you will save on the wedding of your dreams:

The Wedding Dress

– Go to David’s Bridal ( – they have beautiful designer dresses you can find for as little as $99. Even better, you can rent a dress from a boutique. It’s not like you be getting married more than once (we hope)!

– Use silk flowers instead of the real ones – go to any store and pick up some beautiful artificial flowers to go with your wedding theme. The flowers look just as good as the real ones and last longer. And they can be reused anytime! Research online sites like to get some great ideas!

– Schedule your event during an off period (January through April) and have it on a Friday or Sunday. And, have the ceremony and the reception at the same place. It will save you time and money because very little travel will be involved.

– Have the rehearsal dinner at a friend’s house or your own and do the cooking. Who doesn’t like a home cooked meal?

– Use iTunes as your deejay. Most of them use computer nowadays, so why not just do it yourself? That way you’ll be sure to hear the music that is popular and available.

– Consider destination weddings – much cheaper and have only immediate family attend. Upon your return, have a great big party and invite all your family and friends.

– For the honeymoon, go to a lovely hotel and reserve the Presidential Suite and just make a weekend of it. There will be plenty of time during your life together to go away for that once in a lifetime trip.

– As for the rings, go for something simple, but elegant. Who says your rings need to be thousands of dollars? The point is you are both trying to save money. If you make it to ten years, then go and buy that anniversary ring.

– Prepare your own wedding invitations. Go buy some pretty paper and a good quality printer and channel your inner Martha Stewart.

The above are only tips for the wedding of your dreams, but done correctly, it could be one of the most memorable times of your life!